BKKS National Koi Show

BKKS National Koi Show 2013

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Koi Auction

Once again this year, one of the highlights of the weekend is the fund raising Koi auction with a fantastic selection of Koi that have been kindly donated by highly respected Japanese breeders . This year has a new format with auctions that will be taking place at 2 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. The majority of the koi will be auctioned at this time, however there will be 6 special lots reserved to be auctioned exclusively at the Show Party

Show Party Auction Koi 

All of the Auction Koi will be on display at the show. Choose the Koi(s) you want to bid for, make a note of the lot number and submit your bid on Saturday. Hand your bid in to the Show HQ, with your name and contact details. The live auction will take place during the show party on Saturday night. All bids submitted on the night will go up against the bids submitted on the day with the highest bidder landing their prize. Any winner not at the party will be notified on Sunday. 


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